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B4BC 20 Year Anniversary Recap

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of B4BC (Boarding for Breast Cancer) shredding the love. Party time. Their vision of “inspiring a healthier, happier you with a board sports point of view” was at the center of the celebrations. They partnered with to NEMO to design, produce, and curate 3 events, help launch their B4BC Brigade, and make sure their anniversary events went off with a bang.

The events at Winter X Games, Snowboard + Music Festival at Tahoe, and the Amplify show in LA raised over $25K. 

From Kathleen Gasperini, Executive Director B4BC, “Our relationship with NEMO has elevated B4BC to the next level, not only through fundraising and outreach, but also additional awareness, connections with new partners who support our programs and cause. We have grown from grassroots to a new level of creating unique events and art shows that people find engaging, inspiring, and important, which is something we have not been able to do on our own.”

ryan barrett