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Social Media Drivers



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Sure, all content eventually ends up on social media. These examples were designed to make the audience part of the creative. The Chosen was a campaign Nemo created for Nike Action Sports. The kick-off video was an invitation from top action sports athletes for the audience to participate in the campaign and submit their own videos. One winner would be chosen to live like a pro, and go on tour with the top Nike surfers, snowboarders, and skaters. The campaign drew in over 900 entries in 6 weeks, and fans tuned in to watch the content debut. The starting Facebook fan page consisted of 29,000 followers; by the end of the campaign flight we had over three million fans.

The second clip is a broadcast spot for ESPN’s action sports digital channel. We put the spotlight on editor Adam Salo and let him tell describe how a story unfolds is shaped by the audience via social media.